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Torlin Chemicals(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of glass frosting/etching materials and automatic glass frosting machinery in China.Established in 1999,Torlin Chemicals(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. developed a series of environmental-friendly glass frosting powders and creams.The Torlin name has become a well-known trademark in China's glass frosting industry.         
Torlin Chemicals(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. has excelled with professional expertise and become the largest glass frosting products supplier in China.Torlin glass frosting powders,creams and automatic frosting machinery were awarded Chinese patents.Over 40 percent of Torlin's products are sold around the world.The automatic glass bottle frosting machine and flat glass frosting machine have been exported to the Far East,North America,Europe,Middle East,Southeast Asia,India,Azerbaijan,Ukraine and Russia etc.
In order to meet our customers' requirements on finished glass products,our company also supplies acid frosted glass and low reflection flat glass in various size and thickness.Our main products are described below:

Glass Frosting Powders and Creams

Frosted Flat Glass in Different Size and Thickness

Automated Frosting Machinery for Glass Bottles and Flat Glass

Our guiding principles have always been to establish long term relationships with valued customers  together build sustainable, profitable business for all parties.

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