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Torlin has been engaged in the research & development, production and sales of glass frosting powders, etching cream and the technology of glass etching processing for 20 years now.
Glass Frosting Powder: Available for glass bottles, flat glass, lamps and industrial glass, covering all galss frosting industry
Glass Frosting Cream: Mainly used for the ethcing design and printing of the frosting glass patterns
Glass Frosting Equipments: Increase the productivity, improve the efficiency and cut the cost, available for various glass bottles, flat glass and art glass.
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The Leading Supplier of Glass Etching Technology Solution in China
Shanghai Torlin Will Participate in Beijing Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition this Month
  Our company is scheduled to participate in the 28th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition ( Beijing New International Expo Center) from 24th May, 2017 to 27th May, 2017. We
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