Cosmetic Bottle Frosting Equipment

    • Type:TN-01
    • Brand:Torlin

    Torlin’s Cosmetic Bottle Frosting Equipment combines the chemical frosting process and mechanical automation in one fully covered system. TN-01 is used to produce large quantities of frosted glass bottles for different sizes from 20ML to 300ML.

    1. Detailed information


    Automatic Glass Bottle Frosting Machine
    The automatic glass bottle frosting machine perfectly combines chemicals frosting and mechanical automation in one system,which can be used to produce large quantities of frosted glass bottles such as cosmetic containers, perfume bottles, and wine bottles.

    ----This machine has been widely used in China and sold to the Far East and Russia etc.Using this machine can reduce labor cost and also improve frosting products' quality and consistency.

    The machine's advantages are described below:
    1.Simple operation and high automation.
    2.Large production capacity.
    3.Superior frosting quality.
    4.Low frosting consumption & low cost.
    5.Water reused in assembly line.
    6.Environment-friendly operation system.
    7.All seasons application.


    1.Dimension: 18 x 1.2 x 1.4 m.(can adjust as customers' specification requirement).
    2.Layout: 3-8 pieces per row.
    3.Type: fully automatic. 
    4.Output: 8,000-10,000 pieces per hour. 
    5.Air exhaust system: 3 sets.
    6.Stirring: 2 sets.
    7.Material: steel, stainless steel, PVC, rubber supporters.
    8.Total power: 20 kw.
    9.Water consumption: 3 tons per hour.

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